2023 Remaining Tour Dates

August 17-28 (12 day)

October 8-15 (8 day)

October 8-19 (12 day)

November 4-11 (8 day)

November 4-15 (12 day)

December 9-16 ( 8 day)

Please note:

As of January, 2023, all of our group tours are now 8 days. For those who would like to stay longer and discover even more of Belize, we will help you set that up per your request. Spend as many days as you’d like in any area. Just let us know what you choose to do, and we’ll make it happen!

** Please do not make final arrangements until you have received confirmation that your space has been reserved.

Tour Prices

Please email for prices as they are determined by package, date, number of people in your party, and method of payment.